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Murray also skirts the starting in his discussion of health insurance. Introduction. On September 9, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a letter to all Priesthood leaders.

The letter instructed Priesthood leaders to send doubting or inquisitive members to a series of essays recently published in the Gospel Topics section of Smith marks three years of his essays with some thoughts about the importance of libertarian theory and history.

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Latter-day Saint doctrine teaches that marriages solemnized (“sealed”) in Latter-day Saint temples do not dissolve at death and that the family is the core unit of the church and society.

The church also encourages education and offers a subsidized loan fund for members seeking higher education in developing countries. In his essay, Has the Self “Free Will”?, C.A.

Campbell, a staunch non-compatiblist and libertarian, attempts to explain the Libertarian argument. To achieve this, Campbell first sets out the two pre-suppositions necessary to the Libertarian argument.

A day later, I went to the store and selected a red bicycle, to replace the worn out red bike in the garage. I realized that the color I thought I favored was not the one I actually selected. In preparing this essay, I had a similar insight about government.

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Free Agency and How to Enforce It: Latter-day Saint Libertarianism: Part 2