Improving english reading skills among pupils

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Ten ways to improve student literacy

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Ten ways to improve student literacy

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5. Teachers' ideas on how to improve student literacy. Our live chat on raising pupils' literacy levels brought up interesting suggestions, from setting a reading challenge to creating a word carpet. Reading difficulties prevail in almost all the Basic Schools in the country but the problem is particularly alarming among Basic Six (6) pupils of Assin Darmang St.

Louis Catholic School where I am currently undertaking my in-in-out teaching practice programme. CHAPTER ONE. INTRODUCTION. Background of the Study. The teaching of reading in Nigeria until now has left many puzzling questions among educationists and stakeholders owing to the growing number of learners with reading difficulties.

3 Improving Reading Fluency and Comprehension Among Elementary Students: Evaluation of a School Remedial Reading Program The future success of children lies. English, particularly developing vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension among young learners, is a great challenge among elementary teachers.

The previous data implies that improving English instruction must be a priority.

Improving english reading skills among pupils
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