How to write a mysterious characters

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Choosing Your Main Character and His/Her Essential Counterpart*

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How to write Nonhuman Characters

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The Best British Crime/Mystery Fiction

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10 Most Mysterious Wrestling Gimmicks

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I have a mysterious character who is smiling all the time and seemingly his one goal is to irritate the hell out of the others. It’s so much fun to write him! Reply. You never really know, but a good test is finding out what mysteries engage your characters — if it’s a mystery the characters care about, and the audience cares about the characters, by proxy they will care about the mystery at hand, as well.

This is why arbitrary mysteries — mysteries that exist for their own sake and no other — fail. The main character is one of the two most important characters in your novel, and the only one most writing students ever learn about. Yet the emotional thread of your novel hangs on both these characters and their relationship, so you need to choose them wisely.

Why characters are the heart of your novel - & how you can write them effectively. Readers love a mysterious character. That inscrutable person who won’t reveal his feelings to the reader or the other characters, who makes us uneasy, who transmits a certain something that doesn’t add up.

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5 thoughts on “ How to Write Intriguing Male and Female Characters ” Karyn Devinney April 6, at pm. Though this article does present some interesting thought exercises, I don’t think I’ll be incorporating the ideas too deeply into my writing.

How to write a mysterious characters
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