How to write a music bio

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How to Write an Effective Musician Bio (with examples!) Posted by Melanie on Oct 27, in then you're good to go. So, first, you need to get people to listen to your music. The bio is the easy part. Posted by Mignon Mukti on Dec 6 PM what I write bio Get Our Newsletter.

Ewan Macintyre Band. Together with his band from Canada and Scotland, Ewan Macintyre weaves his own blend of folk pop traditions. Hailed as “a welcome moment in the future of Scottish music”(mumble music @ Celtic Connections ), live shows feature beautiful string arrangements, ripping solos, soaring harmonies and heartfelt lyrical content.

Gordon Lightfoot Biography - The Man And His Music

At an early age, van Beethoven, took an interest in music and his father taught him day and night, on returning to the house from music practice or the tavern. Without a doubt, the child was gifted and his father Johann envisioned creating a new Mozart, a child prodigy.

Epic Hits is Out of Print! Get your copy here while you still can on Jody's Merch page! OK Music Hall of Fame Induction! Did you miss Jody on the Jimmy Dean Show recently? In order to write your artist bio, you should think like an advertising executive.

This is all about marketing and sales. After all, music is a business and to have success you will need revenues (money, income) from sales.

How to write a killer artist bio How to write a music bio
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Biography: Beethoven's life - Ludwig van Beethoven's website