How to write a good fugue subject

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Composing a Fugue

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According to Charles Rosenp. Necessarily, the basses run the picture, with the other three times falling silent. I often think it's a good idea to create a fugue subject from a chord progression set in three or four voices. Take one of the lines and embellish it appropriately to create your fugue subject, then embellish another line to create a cpuntersubject, etc.

The subject is the foundation of a fugue; it takes a special sort of melody to make a subject, and a special knack to write such a melody. I mastered this aspect during my "subject only" period.

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– How to create a good fugue subject? (hopebayboatdays.comheory) submitted 2 years ago by dylanthepiguy2. But in my research and trying to write this reply, I had to restart this reply 4 times because of my super sensitive key board touch pad and that happens a lot.

I think it must be that I clicked reply to another message and didn't notice it and. The subject of the C-major fugue, for instance, begins on C, the answer on G (m.

2). Similarly in the D-major fugue, the subject begins on D, the answer on A.

A simple 10-step guide to writing an amazing fugue

From what we have just said about the answer beginning a fifth higher than the subject (or fourth lower, which is essentially the same thing), it would follow that a subject that begins.

Your first fugue exposition assignment will ask you to write a subject according this precise harmonic sequence. 2. Now, decide which voice will state the subject first (let's say that it's the alto voice) and then bring the second voice .

How to write a good fugue subject
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Learning to Write Fugues