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Download Constructions Of Remembering And Metacognition: Essays In Honour Of Bruce Whittlesea

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Constructions of remembering and metacognition. Essays in honour of Bruce Whittlesea

Constructii industriale Centru medical pe structura metalica usoara. Metacognition: Essays in honour of Bruce Whittlesea. Palgrave Macmillan (pp ). 2 On the conference circuit it was always an invigorating experience to be “Whittlesead”, as the saying went – to bump into Bruce at coffee, ask him a question.

Containing contributions from world leaders honouring Bruce Whittlesea's lifetime contribution to memory research, this volume reflects the current understanding amongst memory researchers that memory is more than passive acquisition and retrieval, but involves constructions, attributions, and.

Constructions of Remembering and Metacognition: Essays in Honour of Bruce Whittlesea - Kindle edition by P. Higham, J.

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Leboe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Constructions of Remembering and Metacognition Essays in Honour of Bruce Whittlesea Edited by Philip A.

Fluency and familiarity: How memory for perceptual detail influences the remembering of events

Higham University of Southampton, UK and Jason P. Leboe.

Essays honour bruce whittlesea
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